Monday, October 27, 2008

Woe be unto he who disagrees with Obama Staff

Obama staffers bar FL news outlets from engaging in interviews with Biden or Obama or anyone else from what I can gather!

There goes free speech and the ability of the media, who disagree with Obama to gets the facts out to you...

For those of you that watch only main stream media, that's basically another Obama news outlet...

For those of you that watched the Palin interviews with the main stream media - well we all know how Hillary Clinton was treated!

The Obama crew has literally maimed every women that has come across the scene, regardless of party affiliation - the goal is *get a Black president* in office - that will be of the most benefit to that ethnic group! Next we'll probably see a male Hispanic president before any women is EVER placed in office in this country!

There is a real attitude problem in this country when it comes to women of any ethnic group!

The Democratic party is not the friend of Women or Native America!

Don't get me wrong - I think either party should give Native America a voice but I don't think that voice will come under Obama!