Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Defense of Joe the Plummer!!

Boy, news reports are saying the Obama campaign or staffers or someone connected to the Obama group is looking into Joe's tax records and bank accounts.... ok, now it appears reporters are checking to see if he's a dead beat dad...say what? Anyone who illegally supplies or accepts this type of info ought to be prosecuted!! How dare anyone request this type of information to not only make it public but to smear an average ordinary citizen due to election activities...where have these folk's brains gone!!

Some heads better roll if this true!! And I'm not talking about just getting fired, there needs to be criminal prosecution for anyone doing that!!

That's worse than these *termination packages* for CEOs on Wall Street!!

and on another note:

This money give away, Obama campaign is talking about, sharing the wealth. Let's see I've heard figures like $500.00 to $1,000.00...so what exactly do they figure this is going to buy today? Not much!!

Give us JOBS!! Dignity comes from working!!

And hanging a Palin effigy!! well, if she were a Black Palin those folks would have been prosecuted! it is in bad taste Halloween or not! TAKE IT DOWN!!

Thank you Whoopi! let's hope folks have something better to talk about than Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palins clothes!! I think they both ought to wear blue jeans and shirts or sweaters if they want to relate to the WORKING class!! Or deer skin dresses to relate to Indians!! Sorry PETA you're out of bounds objecting to that, Indians traditionally wore animal skin clothing...all the clothes complainers did was force the RNC to pay out a ton of money on unnecessary *clothes* for Palin...think of how those funds could have helped someone in REAL need! In fact, how many folks could have been helped with all these campaign funds, currently it's all going to 4 people...tsk, tsk...I think this has all really gotten out of hand! Let's spread that wealth around....:)