Sunday, October 19, 2008

More garbage!

The At Large communities in Southern California were created under the guise of Culture and History, but the covert reason, was to masquerade as a "cover" for the creation of a Voter Bloc to support Chad Smith's plan get himself reelected, keep the Freedman disbanded from the Nation and to enlarge the "Citizen population" in order to increase BIA funding. Over 60% of eligible voters for Chief Smith's agenda - live outside of Cherokee Nation and are disconnected from understanding and uninformed about what is taking place half way across the United States. Interviewed citizens in Oklahoma have stated "We wish Cherokees in California weren't voting! They don't know what is going on here and what is happening to us - they are making it worse".

Those of us who disagreed with their process and have resigned from the Councils and the At Large Communities, want to know > Where'd all the money go & why does the Tribal Council try to hide from the California At Large Communities, the way they treat the Cherokee Nation citizens?

Well, contrary to what this person is saying...apparently the hate mongers among the Cherokee want per capita payments like the Pechanga Band of California Indians, except our tribe is so big, we'd probably all get $2.50...the money now goes into projects and programs that benefit ALL Cherokees in the 14 County area of Oklahoma...(don't get me started on this!) These communities were started for the sole purpose of connecting Cherokees with each other in California and around the country so that we can also access educational and cultural things from OUR HERITAGE! Thank you! Chief Smith for helping us maintain our connection with our Cherokee past!

All the communities in California decided that a candidates forum was a good way to meet and visit with each candidate running for Cherokee offices and the At Large Reps...they were all invited to the forum to state their cases and positions on issues in the Cherokee Nation. The communities in California requested this, not the Chief or any of the candidates that were there. So you're blaming the wrong folks.

To the Cherokees of Oklahoma: We understand a lot more than you think out here in California - we understand any funding and moneys go to those of you in Oklahoma and that should be opened up to ALL Cherokees where ever they live, not just those of you in Oklahoma! Remember, most if not all of us still have family living in Oklahoma that we communicate with on a regular basis - so don't be telling us we *don't understand* - what we understand is, there are always a group of malcontents and apparently this group is among the worst!

The Freedmen are NOT CHEROKEE! Those Freedmen that have a Cherokee Ancestor on the Dawes Roll are already Citizens of the Cherokee Nation! You complain about no money back there and yet you want to give our money to NON CHEROKEES!

You want to talk about voter blocs - well, your posts indicate you only want the Freedmen as citizens and support their efforts only so you can gain a voter bloc to advance your agenda which is to disenfranchise those of us that ARE Cherokee who live outside the 14 county area in Oklahoma! Your hate mongering against the Chief, and those of us that support him is extremely unbecoming for a Cherokee - it's one thing to disagree with someone but quite another thing to smear and spread hate! In fact I'm quite surprised the FBI hasn't started investigating this group for hate crimes!

I was on one of the councils of these communities and the supporters of *hate mongering* like this group, against the Chief, our At Large Reps, that was on our council caused a great deal of dissension! Not to mention the supporting of Non Cherokee! and the list of my complaints against these malcontent groups just grows and grows!

No one's hiding anything! All you need do is watch the streaming events and meetings from the Cherokee Nation website to see what's going on in the Council Committees and Meetings - most of these complaints are just shear nonsense and without any factual basis!

If this group based in Oklahoma was really concerned about the Cherokee people there, they'd roll up their sleeves and start to work on some of these projects; and it seems the biggest complaint is the fact the Cherokee Nation creates jobs for us, believe me a job would probably cure many of the ills posted on their forum. Considering the current economic state of the US those jobs are going to be important - so if you don't want them there will be plenty of Non Cherokee who will take them, so don't complain about the Cherokee Nation not doing anything for you! You won't even help yourselves!