Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where's the Pork

Also included in the Bailout Bill!

Want to know what your Senators added to the bill? Wooden arrows! Check this out:
* Manufacturers of kids’ wooden arrows - $6 million. (fake Indian stuff?)
* Puerto Rican and Virgin Islands rum producers - $192 million. (as they *outlaw* smoking, like they once did booze, I see more and more liquor ads...guess booze is once again in good graces - MADD - won't be happy about this)
* Wool research! (hey, Columbia Sheep produce the best wool - what else needs research?)
* Auto-racing tracks - $128 million.
* Corporations operating in American Samoa - $33 million. (more corporate welfare are these last three)
* Small- to medium-budget film and television productions - $10 million.