Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sharing vs Wealth Redistribution

Obama is now comparing sharing as a child or individual to wealth redistribution.

Sharing regardless of who does it, although the comparison he used was really juvenile, a child sharing a peanut butter sandwich, is a process that goes to helping others on an individual basis. You decide who you want to share with as in say a charity or a church or an individual. The key word here is YOU decide who you share with.

Wealth redistribution is government taking money you've earned and *sharing it* with the folks THEY choose to share it with. So now they're becoming a charity, I wonder if that's in the job description of the US government? and what about those sanctuary cities that provide illegal immigrants with health care and public school education?

So now the coal miners of WV will be helping to support the illegal immigrants of CA??

Something seriously flawed with this plan!