Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is outrageous!

Originally initiated by Wilma Mankiller in her never-ending efforts to get the UKB terminated and to dispel the Freedmen by adopting unconstitutional law, Chad Smith has ramped up the hate propoganda and hateful words to the point where thin blood Cherokees, more white than anything, will not speak about the Freedmen issue or the UKB if they are supportive, for fear of reprisal. The rest of them simply see the UKB and the Freedmen as some kind of threat to their cultural heritage they usually know nothing about and do not practice anyway.

Shame, shame, shame!!

I have never ever heard Chief Smith or any councilor spread or speak any hateful words or propaganda against anyone!!

And for your information - the UKB to most *thin bloods* as you call us outside the 14 counties of Oklahoma have a tremendous amount of respect for the UKB and it's members as those who are traditionalists in the Cherokee Nation!!

I certainly don't hesitate to speak about the Freedmen issue! THEY ARE NOT CHEROKEE or DON"T EVEN HAVE AN ANCESTOR ON THE DAWES!! which by the way is required for those of us not Freedmen to have before citizenship in the Cherokee Nation is granted! So basically what these folks are doing is asking for an exemption to the requirements/rules to be a Cherokee Citizen JUST because they are descendants of Blacks or were Slaves!! So how is that fair!! There are quite a few folks who claim Cherokee Heritage that are white, who can't prove it either, do we just give them a blanket ok as well? And what about the Eastern Band and UKB blood quantum rules - shall we suspend those as well and just let anyone join the Eastern Band and UKB?

It just seems to me the position and arguments of these malcontent groups are inconsistent, I can assure you, they would be the first to stop anyone without the proper blood quantum from gaining membership into the Eastern Band or the UKB including the Freedmen!

You want to continue to rant and rave against your own people with a white man's concepts of *adoption* and *blood quantum* so be it. However, there are plenty who disagree with you!