Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Gamble is on Obama - do you really want his health care plan?

In the latest version of his stump speech on the economy, Barack Obama is today working in a reference to John McCain's fondness for gambling to warn that another Republican administration would be snake eyes for America.

"I read the other day that Senator McCain likes to gamble," Obama plans to say, referring to a New York Times story on Sunday about McCain's role in the growth of casinos on Indian reservations. "He likes to roll those dice. And that's OK. I enjoy a little friendly game of poker myself every now and then.

"But one thing I know is this – we can't afford to gamble on four more years of the same disastrous economic policies we've had for the last eight," Obama says in remarks prepared for delivery in Westminster, Colo.

"I know that when Senator McCain says he wants to bring the same kind of deregulation to our healthcare system that he helped bring to our banking system – his words – well, that's a bet we can't afford. We can't afford to roll the dice by privatizing Social Security, and wagering the nest egg of millions of Americans on Wall Street. We can't afford to gamble on more of the same trickle down philosophy that showers tax breaks on big corporations and the wealthiest few. We've tried that. It doesn't work.

(your health can't afford Obama's health care plan! It doesn't work!)