Monday, October 27, 2008

Vote McCain - Palin

My vote goes to McCain - Palin!

The dems have been promising a Native American Voice in the White House forever and it has yet to be done!

Spreading the wealth means that Obama will find a way to *tax* gaming revenues - so that he can spread the wealth to *Black* communities ... spreading the wealth does not mean help to American Indian Communities! He could very well, just stop any federal funds to those Tribes that have casinos - this is another way to place a *tax* on Native America.

Government will grow larger, become more involved in your *personal* life and slow the economy even further. By taxing corporations, more of them that can will move outside the US, taking jobs with them and those that can't move or are small businesses will go belly up - because of the restrictions and additional regulations placed on them. Joe the plummer probably doesn't have a license to be a plummer because he probably can't afford the government *process* to obtain one, this same problem occurs within the construction industry - there are so many requirements, regulations and costs, that getting a contractor's license becomes an obstacle to working and earning a living, not to mention the number of jobs that are lost because those businesses are unable to operate. In other words, it just becomes harder and harder for small businesses to remain afloat and more and more of us will have to engage in *government welfare* just to survive.

Biden calls paying higher taxes *patriotic*, I guess he's never heard of the Boston Tea Party. Taxation without representation - well, Native America has NEVER been represented in Congress!