Friday, August 29, 2008

Thank you Cara Cowan!!

Cowan's 'Indian wars'

Editor, Daily Press:

Cherokee Nation Councilor Cara Cowan calls me a “fake Indian” and a “wannabee” in press interviews and live broadcasts of tribal council meetings. With 30 or 40 real issues facing Cherokee people, I can’t see why she spends much of her time attacking me.

Record gasoline prices (she has something to do with gas prices?) , a plummeting U.S. dollar, food prices, utilities and heating fuel prices through the roof ( Cara has something to do with, Cara, I didn't know you were so, juvenile and adult-onset diabetes rampant, out-of-control Cherokee obesity, rising bouts of sexual predation, teen depression and pregnancy, racial slurs and attacks on all manner of non-tribal members (we don't have jurisdiction over you non-tribal members or this would not be happening!), the rise of Indian drug gangs are the tip of the iceberg. (drug gangs are rampant all over - it's the drugs stupid - big bucks, no control and open borders - send your complaints to Congress on this one - not the Cherokee Nations fault on this) Amphetamine cooking and crack cocaine are on the rise. Loan sharks, scam artists and religious zealots are targeting poor Cherokees (sure you aren't talking about white communities here, Amphetamine abuse is all over not just the Cherokee Nation and until Congress decides to do something about the borders, drugs are going to continue to be a problem ALL OVER THE US - oh, but you're mad at the Cherokee Nation and it's leaders, so that's their Growing numbers of Indian casinos abound, and the poverty, divorce, violence, lies, abuse, and neglect – not to mention the gambling addiction – is touching every community (yah, yah, yah, let's shut down Las Vegas while we're at it, or maybe go back to prohibition days). Hardly a family is escaping this new lifestyle unscathed, and the Cherokee Nation is to blame for plenty of it. I know they are sovereign and we can’t stop them; only the U.S. Senate can do that. (yeah, right, like he knows what's going on in Indian Country...problem is we don't have jurisdiction over non Tribal members like him! Ah, another non Indian BLAMING the Cherokee Nation Council and Chief Smith...)

First, I’ll go to the question of my Indian-ness; then it’s only fair I touch on Cara’s Indian-ness, and a bunch of people’s Indian-ness. On my dad’s side, I’ve got a good bit of Kentucky Cherokee blood ( just how much Kentucky this your tribe: ? I must say, if this is all true, complain to the BIA.... and quite calling us names!), also some German and hillbilly. I never refer to myself as an Indian (problem is the general public *assumes* you are Indian because you sell Indian topic books and paintings - TRUTH in Advertising, Murv, list yourself as a non Indian on your books and paintings - then let's see how well your *stuff* sells). I have never said I was a member of any tribe. (you don't have to by your associations the general public who you cater to, assumes you are Cherokee) But I will never, no matter how vicious their attacks, deny my ancestry. I’ve met very few folks who are actually “Indians.” A card doesn’t make you Indian.(nor does a bunch of *family stories* make you Indian; Murv, we all trace our families back to a CHEROKEE ON THE DAWES ROLL - YOU DON'T; you are an intruder - the problem is when folks buy your books, they think a Cherokee wrote them - which isn't true! Just take look at this: you don't need to sell in our Cherokee shops - you're making plenty at Amazon! I see he has at least one Cherokee to give him credibility Gayle Ross; unfortunately folks believe they are purchasing Cherokee Stories by a Cherokee who they believe they are helping but not true, he's taking money on false pretenses and we have no jurisdiction to stop him!)

“Kowan’s Kulture Komittee” removed all my artwork and books from both the Cherokee Nation Heritage Center and the little CN gift shop because I do not have a federal tribal membership card. In her little world, I have become a persona non gratis (even though I’ve been painting the Cherokees for 40 years (ah but this doesn't make you Cherokee) ), just as the new law mandates (passed by Chad’s hand-picked council). (In our little World, the intruders are doing us more harm than good - so why doesn't he go bug the Eastern Band of Indians? Because they have a blood quantum as well - Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma only has a requirement to prove your line back to a Cherokee Ancestor on the Dawes Roll - you don't have one Murv, the rest of us do! and we're tired of the intruders! Our Ancestors not only walked the Trail of Tears but they settled in the Cherokee Nation in NE Oklahoma - I seriously doubt the Cherokee Nation has much say on who is or is not recognized by either the state of Kentucky or the BIA, take your harsh words and fight to them!)

I was told by a CN gift shop employee that CN has been pulling a lot of books from their shelves. I was also told CN has even pulled items produced by tribal members, if they disagree with them culturally, notably “Black Indians,” a film produced and directed by the same tribal members who produced the TV commercials that got Chad elected. But Chad said there’s no such thing as a black Indian (and he is right, you're either Cherokee or Not Cherokee). The employee was afraid to tell me who “they” are, and with McCarthyist, Cold War mentality prevailing in “Chad the Impaler’s” third term, the employee cannot be blamed. (Oh, comments of another mad person who can't push the Cherokee Nation around - isn't this interesting - these folks have nothing but bad things to say and then want us to support them)

Cowan, the keeper of Chad’s most recent sacred fire of racial purity (oh, give me a break, we're a tribe of Cherokees not of any old person who *thinks* they're Indian), is a scant 1/256ths Cherokee on her CDIB card. Only in the wacky world of CN does she receive all those tribal benefits, plus a $50,000-per-year salary, plus mileage and expenses, and Cowan, 1/256 Cherokee, attacks me from the impenetrable position of tribal sovereignty. (But she is Cherokee Nation Cherokee - and you are?)

There are thousands of CN tribal members with such laughable, minimal blood quanta, some as low as 1/2048. “White” Indians (better white Indian than wannabee....:) however, I've never heard or read that term either except on the Cornsilk's board) is what they are most often referred to throughout Cherokee history. (But we have a a provable Cherokee Ancestor on the Dawes Roll - get it? Blood Quantum not required)You’d never guess they were Indians if they didn’t have that card. In the United Keetoowah Band, a person must be at least one-quarter Indian to be a member. The Keetoowahs bear the most attacks from the Cherokee Nation and its Southern White Indian Supremacist leadership. (I've never heard any officials from the Cherokee Nation attack the UKB) But the UKB’s membership is growing as more actual Cherokees switch, leaving the CN’s DNA spread even thinner. (Murv we don't need a *blood-quantum* to be citizens of the Cherokee Nation - we need a Cherokee Ancestor on the Dawes Roll - what is it about that Cherokee Ancestor on the Dawes Roll that everyone seems to miss?? CHEROKEE ANCESTOR ON THE DAWES ROLL - that means our families were living in the NE part of Oklahoma when they took that roll - we didn't make those rules, Congress did - man you all need to get a grip and march on Congress or the BIA and quit blaming the Cherokee Nation for things that they didn't do!!)

I believe CN is afraid that if the door is opened for state-recognized tribes, they will grow in status, gain recognition, maybe even open a casino! Hence, CN must shame me and my family. I believe they will be decertified as the blatant frauds they are. (well, Murv if you want Kentucky to recognize Cherokees there - GO THERE AND FIGHT FOR THEM, instead of making money off of us in Oklahoma! I've seen it time and time again here in California - Congress helps make folks Indian all the time - so Chad has nothing to do with whether or not Tribes are state or federally recognized - it's generally because they can't meet the requirements of the BIA and most state recognitions are just plain hokey, more made on political concerns than actual Indianness - in case you've not heard, Congress has never taken Indians into consideration when they make decisions about them, so what makes you think they are going to do that now - otherwise the Congressional Black Caucus would not be getting involved in this - they apparently rely on the same misinformation you rely on.)

Murv Jacob


(this man and his friend have made tons of money off of his book sales of *Cherokee Stories* - and Murv, better to be a thin blood than no blood - go back to Kentucky! Thank you Cara Cowan - she's protecting the interest of all recognized Indians and not cowering to Fake Indians! I can't tell you the number of *Cherokees* I've run into that can't prove they are Cherokee but boy, they sure want to make money off of it! You're not an Indian and don't meet the requirements to be a Cherokee Tribal Member, Murv - get over it!)

Ok, the Cornsilks and I don't agree on much but here is John Cornsilks response to Murv's letter (you may encounter some offensive language at his site, so be aware of that):