Sunday, August 31, 2008

Too often in an effort to find a *cause* we jump to conclusions that just aren't supported by the evidence

Some have said that it is ridiculous to change so many things, yet continue to smoke, but I don´t know that that is truth. I know it is "common" and accepted knowledge that smoking kills, but I also know there are a lot of accepted truths out there that aren´t really true, so it leaves one to wonder. Our government spends an awful lot of money to discourage smoking and smoking bans have gotten so invasive that now even some renters are not allowed to smoke in their homes. Both my curse and my blessing in this life is that I like things to make sense and it´s hard for me to see sense in a society that seeks to ban cigarette smoking, yet approves of aspartame, fluoride, mercury and overwhelming amounts of pharmaceuticals. It´s hard for me to understand how my little cigarette in an outdoor café will cause more damage to those around me than the exhaust from hundreds of cars and trucks passing by on the street. Or how a cigarette can cause more damage to those around me than the smoke stacks spewing God knows what into the air or the air "fresheners" and perfumes being pumped into shopping facilities or the chemicals in foods or the impurities in water.

It seems the anti-smoking lobby has made little mention of the recent studies that show a reduced risk, by as much as 50%, of Parkinson´s disease in smokers or that 75% of those that die of heart disease are non-smokers. Other studies have shown that smoking does not cause breast cancer, 90% of ulcerative colitis sufferers are non-smokers, and that as smoking has been reduced, childhood asthma has increased. Also some studies indicate that nicotine may alleviate Tourettes Syndrome and prevent Alzheimer´s by stimulating the nicotinic receptors in the brain assisting memory.

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What many fail to see is that smoking bans are not about our health, if it were about our health there would not be chemicals in our foods, genetically modified seeds, growth hormones in our diary, waste products in our water, mercury in vaccines or metals in skin care products. No, smoking bans are about loss of individual freedoms, control of the masses and profit for those in charge and we have accepted it due to overwhelming amounts of propaganda. We live in America where we are supposed to be free, free to live our lives how we see fit. Some want to jump out of airplanes, others choose to surf on huge ocean waves, some enjoy flying down a snow covered mountain, drinking alcohol, hiking in bear territory, riding bicycles along crowded highways, becoming a soldier, having a child and all these endeavors are capable of shortening one´s life, yet we are free to enjoy those pursuits without discrimination, the same should be said for smoking. So while many support the smoking bans and feel free to chastise, name call, approach and attempt to convert smokers, it should be kept in mind that next time it may something you enjoy that is banned. (currently it's cell phones and McDonald's - actually the only safe thing to do is, stay in bed and not eat....I mean getting out of bed you could slip and fall and when eating you could choke...and what about all these anti smoking ads on TV and right after that the ad for VIAGRA - give me a break - talk about a Nation of Sheep that just follow along - wake up folks - don't let propaganda run your lives!! These are all left-wingers in the Democratic party who support this nonsense)

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(I suppose one could say a vote for Obama is a vote for smoking, since he is a smoker... should we Ban Obama from the White will they just cover his smoking up....not for long I suppose, it could start a yet is the White House a smoke free environment - I mean we allow Muslim head dresses for women in public, but you can't smoke in public - Muslim head dresses cause my blood pressure to rise, that's a health risk isn't it, particularly when you can't even put up a Nativity scene in public - so what happens if a head of state comes to the White House who smokes, do we offend him and ask him to step outside the WH to smoke, better yet, will Obama step outside the WH to smoke.....see how ridicules this becomes .... another double standard......:)