Thursday, August 14, 2008

BIA gets it from all sides

Well, apparently those who believe that Obama is somehow going to have any influence over the Congressional Black Caucus and Rep Watson or has done us any real favors with a statement he thinks Indian Tribes are sovereigns, they need to take a long hard look at him, Congress is going to call the shots here and if they can bully the BIA into admitting non Indians into tribes because they are Black, well, not much he's going to do about it, read the story, CBC presses BIA about Freemen, page 1, link below.

Watson still pushing ahead with yet ANOTHER hearing. More waste of taxpayers dollars, more special interest cronyism. She didn't solve anything after the first hearing, now she's going to TALK some more. And the BIA, well, they're caught in the middle, they got a court case looming AND a congressional hearing, no wonder they can't find anyone to run that agency - maybe a Freedmen will get the job....wouldn't surprise fact not much coming down the pike surprises me...I mean 200 years of this and you just get use to it. I guess we'll see how much back bone the BIA really has.

According to Wayne Thompson, lobbyist for the Freedmen (they have a there something more to this Indian Citizenship I'm not seeing here? a about a special interest group) anyway he's telling the Freedmen that more than likely in the fall there will be joint hearings that will be held by the Judiciary Committee and Government Oversight Committee....All this for a bunch of folks that aren't even, my, amazing!

Well, I must say, every ones getting into the fray except the Congressional Native American see a real MESS on the horizon.

Apparently Rep Cole is the only congressman with Native about David and Goliath...I sure hope he's on one of them thar committees...and where's the Indian Affairs committee...doesn't this have SOMETHING to do with them as well... don't we have a Treaty Committee in here somewhere as well....

I think they're going to need a new committee, how to keep ethnic caucuses from running amok and a new oversight committee to curb hypocrisy and bigotry in congress.

Better yet, if Congress wants the Freedmen to be Indian, I'm still wondering how come they don't just pass a bill and make the Freedmen Indian, then recognize them as the Freedmen Tribe, boy, that sure sounds simple to me. That way, they could be Indian and the Cherokee could remain a Cherokee Tribe, those of us with a Cherokee Ancestor. That just sounds so simple to do. What is the hang up here, oh, they just want to lord over the Cherokee and let us know they can force us to accept non Indians whether we like it or not. Well, of course, it's that Washington Mentality...guess a simple solution just won't work for them....

The saddest part of all is the Indians once again get the shaft.

I hope the Chief stands his ground.

Perhaps the Cherokee Nation has a Civil Rights Action against the Freedmen??

Read the full article in the Cherokee Phoenix: