Friday, August 1, 2008

Cherokee by Blood Trumps Freedmen Status

Freedmen dispute continues despite court decision

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vann, on the other hand, said the treaty "trumps the right of our elected officials to oppress us." Her attorney, Jon Velie of Oklahoma, said the Freedmen will be able to proceed with the case without infringing on tribal sovereignty.

(but the treaty can oppress the Cherokee People, that's ok, I guess, with her; marginalized - heck the Cherokee People have been marginalized by Congress for over 170 years, so what's new?

Contrary to what the Freedmen may say, our tribal officials are elected, which mean they are in their place because a majority of the Cherokees with Cherokee Ancestors put them there! We like them, we think they're doing a good job. So maybe at some point someone in Congress will tell the Congressional Black Causus and the Freedmen to sit down and shut up. Don't destroy our nation because of something that happened 200 years ago - Rep Campbell you want to object to something - then object to US tax dollars of the Indians from going to non Indians - the Freedmen are nothing more than non Indian trouble makers)