Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More on the Delaware Tribes

People: The Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians are often said to be extinct. This is not true--there are 11,000 Lenape people in Oklahoma, where they were sent by the US government (which only recently stopped incorrectly classifying them as Cherokees), and another 5000 Lenape Indian descendents in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There are also 3000 Munsee Delawares in Ontario and Wisconsin, and around 1000 Nanticokes in Delaware.

In 1979, the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs revoked the tribal status of the Delaware living among Cherokee in Oklahoma, and included the Delaware as Cherokee. This decision was finally overturned in 1996. The Cherokee nation then filed suit to overturn the recognition of the Delaware as a tribe.

(my family tradition also places a Delaware Indian among my very early ancestors and that they were a separate tribe apart from the Cherokee - Delaware do not have a Cherokee Ancestor, they have a Delaware Ancestor - ooops, is that racist - they were not adopted but merely placed on the Cherokee Dawes Roll by the Dawes Commission)