Sunday, August 31, 2008

Looks Like Oklahoma is becoming the next New York Nanny State

But in his reply, Gray stated that none of the listed smoke shops transfer cigarettes to other tribes. Instead, they sell to individuals whose business of what they do with the cigarettes is their own. The Osage smoke shops sell to customers who come into their place of business "and in some cases those customers are from other Tribes who are not under Compact with the state of Oklahoma," Gray wrote. "What these customers do with the cigarettes after they leave Osage jurisdiction is of no concern to the Osage Nation. It remains the Osage Nation's position that the smoke shops are required only to purchase and sell cigarettes that bear the correct stamp under the Compact. As long as the cigarettes bear the correct stamp, Osage retailers can sell to any willing customer who comes to their smoke shop, as long as they are not another Osage retailer."

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(Nanny State - a group of individuals living within a given area, who are not competent to conduct their own affairs and therefor require the State to tell them what they can or can not do in their private lives - all for the *public good*... *public good* most commonly is whatever popular propaganda happens to be making the rounds in the media and political circles at the time)