Monday, August 4, 2008

If you don't like your History just change it?

(More revising and covering up History - let's face it - this country supported a slave trade, this country had a KKK, this country had a Trail of Tears, however, with this type of stuff going on, Obama will never convince anyone he's the candidate to Unite and move beyond the the Hope is just a Dream, an Illusion and nothing more....I hate to think of how the Freedmen might revise our History if they have a say in it - although I must say, they sure are trying even now (adopted, Cherokee, they're even taking on the white mindset - They are Freedmen and nothing more - I don't know, maybe this is their way to get rid of the Cherokee) - I guess they've never heard of the Holocaust or the Inquisition - contrary to their mind set, there were many bad things that happened in the history of mankind - think of the Romans - slavery was just one small event, that started with the Europeans and was imported to the states and the Indians picked it up from the Whites who were forcing them into their mindset - does that make it right, of course not, but does that mean we remain stuck in the past, of course not - the moral high ground would be to let it go, rise above it, be better than the past - so put it in perspective, move on and be thankful you've got a Black candidate for president, but this kind of stuff is unbecoming to humanity)

Democrat Nikki Tinker has launched a television ad spotlighting Cohen’s vote against renaming a Memphis park that is named for the Confederate general. It is narrated by former Shelby County Commissioner Walter Bailey, and it juxtaposes a picture of Cohen with a statue of Forrest.

Both Bailey and Tinker are black. Cohen, who is white, is trying to hold on to a district that is 60 percent black.

Cohen said he wanted to avoid the racially divisive process of renaming the park, and he pointed out that city leaders never acted on the recommendation.

“It’s just a desperation effort that’s hard to fathom — that somebody would suggest that, particularly a Jewish person, was in any way involved with the Ku Klux Klan,” Cohen told The Hill. “The Klan didn’t exactly have Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana services and invite us over for them.”

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