Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yeah, sign me up....:)

They say we owe black folks for slavery and Jim Crow laws, forgetting that the debt was fully paid by the 360,000 Union soldiers who died in the Civil War to free the ancestors of today’s black Americas. The debt was marked “paid in full,” written in their blood. (emphasis added)

I’m sure that one of my ancestors offended somebody or other at one time. Am I expected to reimburse their present-day offspring if any happen to show up for a handout?

And, by the way, if we are going to pay reparations to the descendants of any group who was grievously mistreated, sign me up. I’m Irish, and no group of immigrants was more badly treated.

For the Rest of the Story:

(Native Americans have treaty rights that obligate the US...sorry, you take everything from us on the promise to *protect us*; that part of the treaties isn't enforced however; on the issue of casinos - apparently the Feds bailout of Wall Street Mortgage industry of late or subsidies to large corporations, oil industry and auto industry are ok - don't complain about something that has helped the Indians unless you have something better to replace it and believe me, considering the US Indian policy in this country, you're just not going to find any other solutions)