Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wow - melt down jitters

I'm always leery of folks that say *you must* or *you have to* or the *house must* in this case. It's been painful for some folks for quite some time!


Any moron can see that if you want a bill to pass, they're going to have to put Pelosi and Frank in the hall on chairs, til the bill gets passed...their reckless *comments* sent the first bill south.


You play the market, you take the risk...is that a new concept to those that lost this $1 trillion on Monday?


And after all this, they're going to tell us, *it's a win-win deal* - yeah right, like anyone on main street is going to see any of that $700 Billion.


They make plenty off your credit as well - let's see that's what 22% on credit cards, not to mention those car loans - so just exactly how does this *win-win* work?