Tuesday, September 30, 2008

FDIC can raise limits

Well, this would sure stop some bleeding....and give some protection....


Let's just see what happens if credit doesn't get a boost...oh...you may have to live within your means...you may have to *save up* some funds to buy that $30,000.00 car, that use to cost $10,000.00 a few years ago...and if sellers couldn't sell their cars or products, you might find that prices will come down...

Deflation...hardly....just a market correction for the average American who is expected to keep the world economy afloat!

Just say no, to market manipulation! Congress and Wall Street want this *bailout* put in place before the Jobs Report comes out...isn't that interesting....so now we'll have fewer people paying for that credit for higher priced products and the price will probably go up even more.... then when they tax business, we'll have more of them going out of the US with our jobs....so now the government has to *take care* of more and more of us....well, just ask the Indians what kind of a job they do on that!!

Keep our Free Market safe! Say no to Socialism and Market Manipulation!