Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Palin distortions

Call of the Wild
September 24, 2008
A wildlife group's ad attacks Palin for supporting the shooting of wolves from airplanes. She does, but there's more to it than that.

Palin and the Wolf

There's a lot of emotional huffing and puffing in the ad. It says "Sarah Palin actively promotes the brutal and unethical aerial hunting of wolves and other wildlife" and says she encourages "cruelty" and "champions ... savagery." But strip away the emotional characterization and we're left with a description of Palin's position that is essentially factually correct, though incomplete. (I think there's just a lot of huffing and puffing by Obama supporters all around up there in Alaska)

Subsistence hunters are a major priority in wildlife management in Alaska, although a subsistence hunter is hard to define. Clarke offered some statistics: About 20 percent of Alaska's population, or roughly 135,000 people, is classified as rural. About 92 percent to 100 percent of rural Alaskans use wild fish for food to some extent, and 79 percent to 92 percent use wildlife.

(sorry folks but we have coyotes here in Orange County, CA that come right into the backyards of folks with small children - as much as I love wild life and the wolf - they need to be *controlled* - when they place young children into harms way - they must go - we have adults killed every year by mountain lions in the National Forests around here as well - they need to be controlled as well - note here that states that this helps to preserve Native Alaskans subsistence rights)