Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Too Bad the Congressional Black Caucus doesn't Support this!

Perhaps most significantly, the platform states that Democrats promise to create a position for a White House advisor on Indian affairs. They also propose to hold annual summits between top federal political leaders and tribal leaders.

Page 50 of the 51-page platform focuses specifically on tribal sovereignty. It states that ''American Indian and Alaska Native tribes have always been sovereign, self-governing communities, and we affirm their inherent rights to self-governance, as well as the unique government-to-government relationship that they share with the United States.''

The document goes on to say that the Democratic Party will honor the nation's treaty and trust obligations by increasing resources for economic development, health care, Indian education and other services. It also places importance on seeking American Indian cultural advice and reducing violent crime in Indian country.

(major last ditch effort to revive the Dems in the eyes of Native America - notice it says *promises* - they've been promising this for years and no changes have been seen in Indian Country - we need someone to do, not words of promise!)

In response to such questions, Macarro described the language as a ''stride forward'' over previous DNC platforms, but noted, too, that ''no document can be all things to all people.'' He added that the platform provides a strong basis to build upon in coming years.

(No Marc, this is language they can use to wiggle out of later in time! When have they ever kept their promises to Indian Country! We need someone that will DO these things, not write about them or promise things but DO them)

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