Monday, September 22, 2008

5 Civilized Tribe Freedmen advocate for only themselves

I’m a firm believer, when talking about injustices in the Indian Nations, you must speak about all the Freedmen of the respective tribes in the same breath. If you just speak of one Tribe, then people won’t know that four other Tribes are practicing the same injustices toward their Freedmen. At the same event where I talked to Dan Boren, my state representative, Kenneth Corn, approached me, and, asked, if the Choctaw Nation was doing the same thing to their Freedmen as the Cherokees. He appeared to not know because all he has been hearing about is the Cherokee Freedmen.

I don’t like the way this whole Freedmen issue has been handled from the beginning. I thought when Congress found out how taxpayers monies were been used by the Five Tribes to discriminate, they would prosecute all of them at the same time. It should not have mattered if Marilyn Vann had an ongoing lawsuit in the Cherokee Nation. I think Congress should have branded the issue as Freedmen issues of the five Tribes instead of Cherokee issue. All five Tribes are breaking federal laws and should be prosecuted at the same time.

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