Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Truth is...

(they *the United Cherokee Nation* consider us *outlanders* as traitors, since we do not live in or have moved from the 14 county area of the Cherokee Nation located in Oklahoma - the Freedmen even those living in Oklahoma outside this area will be subject to the same rules as the rest of us *outlanders*....)

If participation were as it should be, where those of us who live under the governance of the CNO and must tolerate the corruption and abuse, we would be out-voting the Cherokees who live far beyond our borders and reach of these crimes. Again, I would not be having this conversation with you.

However, outlanders tend to vote in greater numbers and in greater ignorance of the plight of we who live under the governance of corrupt leadership. They, joining with the disconnected residents here and the hangers-on who benefit from the corruption, those Cherokees who bear the burden are grossly outnumbered to point where they continue to vote in fewer and fewer numbers.

As an outlander, you are only important to the Cherokee people within the Nation if you are educated to the plight of those who bear the burden of governance. If you vote out of ignorance or the deception pepetrated by the Chief's propoganda machine, then your vote means nothing to us, except that it might be the vote that continues the harm or puts an end to it.

No Fred, I'm not trying to get you to register and vote for your own sake, because you don't live under the burden of our governance. I am asking you to register and vote with the knowledge that your vote means more to us than it ever will to you.

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(Other posts show that *Fred* is a member of the Cherokee satellite community of Cherokees of Orange County, California - see other posts for his *confusion* on these matters - many of us are confused by this treatment....:))