Monday, September 22, 2008

Black Indians

(hmmmm, Black Indians apparently already have their own tribe - they just need federal recognition - the Congressional Black Caucus should address this issue as well or are they going to blend them all into the Tribe each group is located near? The simpler solution would be to just grant these folks their own recognition and let all the freedmen, regardless of where they are located, join them as well. They're on the road apparently with a State Recognition here as well according to their web site.

This issue is really much much larger than just a Freedmen issue of the Five Civilized Tribes - so would we dare suggest that the Congressional Black Caucus should address all these folks as well or would that be opening a *can of worms*)

Who they are:
The Word Binay means Strong Stone.

The Word is also the pronunciation for BlackIndians & Intertribal Native American Association The Word was adopted by this tribe to express who we are.
A Native American group of people who are mixed with other nationalities.

A very large group of Binay are of African [Black] Ancestry. And since this is the case we are called BlackIndians. Though this group is controversial we are in no way a hate group or racist group. We are an Intertribal Native American Association in good standing and recognized in the state of IL as a legitimate Native American Tribal group. Not all of our members are of African ancestry.

We have some full blood members, we also have blood quantum members as low as 1/16 Th. We do not discriminate or promote segregation and feel there is no place for it.

We do not promote separation in our communities. We believe this makes a people weak. We believe Together we stand, divided we fall. Or we simply don't move forward. Though Some Binay members do live on Indian reservations most do not. This Tribal community is not about racism. We are about tribal unity. Something that we feel is needed across Indian country. We are here to serve the people and fellowship. We will continue and promote our heritage We will continue to keep our Creator and we will continue to assist and honor our elders.

We are The Binay Tribe.

The Binay Tribe was formed in 1989. In an effort to teach others about Black Native Americans Chief Jerry Eaglefeather spoke of his heritage to others and shared of his legacy. Having a father who is full blooded Native American of Apache and Mohawk ancestry he was taught much of his culture through out the years.

Never feeling fully connected to any ethnic group Eaglefeather set out to learn who he was.

Remembering the Cherokee story's of his mother, and the Apache songs of his father he became a singer, dancer, and story teller.

Chief Traveled the Pow wows for over 25 years and learned as he went along. With countless full blood family and friends he now teaches Native traditions to those who care to learn.

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