Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ho Hum

Obama says:

"Tribal sovereignty must mean that the place to resolve intertribal disputes is the tribe itself," the Illinois lawmaker said in a statement provided Saturday by his Senate office.

"Our nation has learned with tragic results that federal intervention in internal matters of Indian tribes is rarely productive . . . This is not a legacy we want to continue."

However, speaking directly to the Cherokee Nation issue, Obama also expressed opposition to unwarranted tribal disenrollment and described discrimination anywhere as intolerable. (so if he considers this an internal matter for Indian tribes - why does he have an opinion at all on this - he's burning the candle at both ends - this appeases the Congressional Black Caucus - so does he consider the CBC discrimination against the Cherokee Nation as intolerable?)

for the rest of the story:

(isn't the Congressional Black Caucus discriminating against the Cherokee Nation with all this nonsense or am I missing a definition here on discrimination.

Just words here - he's just a jr. Senator without any real influence to *control* the CBC - he is also a member of the CBC, a blacks only group in Congress. He hasn't *done* anything to stop any legislation from excluding the Cherokee Nation funding.

Nope, I'll stand with the Native American Vets and their support of McCain - they after all paid for the Congressional Black Caucus' right to be in Congress, which is more than the CBC has done for the Cherokee Nation.

In another news article I read that Ms. Vann *clings* to her Cherokee Heritage, which I found ironic since she's asking the Congressional Black Caucus to terminate the tribe with all these funding cuts and severe ties to the tribe - I guess if the Freedmen can't have membership, they don't want anyone to have it)