Thursday, May 29, 2008

Basic US Government Lesson for Rep Watson

This is the way the US Government Works:

1. Congress makes the laws; in some cases the law isn't clear; in some cases congress' intent isn't clear; in some cases subsequent laws are passed that modify prior congressional laws;

2. The Courts are suppose to interpret those laws; in some cases judges get into social engineering; sometimes they get into legislating by finding things in the laws that aren't expressly stated;

3. The President - I'm not sure exactly what he does - enforce the laws is a good guess; leader of the Free World etc...

These THREE branches of the US government are INTERDEPENDENT, and are suppose to work together as the federal unit of 50 states, the ties that bind, so to speak - the major problem with all three branches is: they seem to think that they are the MOST IMPORTANT BRANCH - three branches makes us a democracy - one branch acting alone makes us a dictatorship.

The Cherokee Nation disagrees with the way the Freedmen are trying to interpret the 1866 treaty - so the Freedmen sued, let's not forget who brought this suit by the way - then the Freedmen enlisted Rep Watson, from whom the CBC got into the act - so now we have one view from the Freedmen, which has been adopted by Rep Watson and the CBC and another view from the Cherokee Nation; so that's why we have courts, to settle these types of disputes.

So let's stick with the US Constitution and let the Courts have their say on interpreting the laws which gives the Cherokee Nation their due process rights or is the CBC going to circumvent that Constitutional provision as well?