Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another shameful charge by the Freedmen and their Supporters

This is what happens anytime you try to deal with the Freedmen, they themselves have become the racists.

What all the articles on the Freedmen don't tell you is: they are descendants of Black Slaves from 1866, they sued and fought then to get put on the Dawes Roll as Freedmen so they could claim land under the Dawes Allotment scheme. They did in fact get those land allotments, they did not claim Cherokee Ancestry at the time but inclusion as freed slaves, therefore the Dawes did not include a blood quantum for them, since they were not Cherokee. Their ancestor likewise had to return to the Cherokee Nation to be included on the Dawes Roll...

The Dawes land allotment by the way was the granting of Cherokee Nation land to individuals, so to say, they want their share now, as stated in the Court of Claims case, they are 100+ years too late to claim under the 1866 Treaty.

To self ID oneself as Cherokee, does not mean you are Cherokee and those of us that are mixed blood, we can trace our roots back to a Dawes ancestor, with a blood quantum.

This is another gimmick the Freedmen try: They allow whites in the tribe, well true but as stated above, we can also trace our Cherokee ancestor back to the Dawes Roll.

The blood quantum the tribes follow is likewise a European/DOI concept which is likewise divisive among Cherokees, this policy was not of the Cherokees making.