Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's about time...

Senate Committee Passes Bill To Promote Health Careers Among American Indians

[Apr 25, 2008]

The Senate Indian Affairs Committee on Thursday approved a bill sponsored by Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) that aims to encourage American Indians to pursue careers in health care, the AP/Billings Gazette reports. The bill would provide federal grants to create nursing and other health care education programs at tribal colleges and increase staff at American Indian health clinics. According to the AP/Gazette, American Indians have higher death rates than the rest of the nation for most leading causes of death, and rates of substance abuse, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and suicide are particularly high (AP/Billings Gazette, 4/24).

The bill -- the Through Higher Education, Promoting the Advancement of Tribal Health Act -- would also allow tribal colleges to launch community outreach programs focused on disease management, substance abuse and other issues. Tester said in a release, "By training more [American Indian] students to enter the health care field, we provide their communities with good jobs, educated and self-sufficient members," adding, "And at the same time, we also improve the quality and access to culturally appropriate health care" (Tester release, 4/24).

(I suppose the CBC will find a way to stop this as well, see how this all hurts those that have nothing to do with the issues, only because the CBC is trying to once again apply *the thumb* to the Cherokee Nation, that old *bow or cease to exist* mentality; when Native Americans stand up for their civil rights Congress and now the CBC via Congress once again brutalizes the people of all Native America)