Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Indian Health Care and the Cherokee Nation

(yeah, that's right, blame the Cherokee Nation for this hold up - what part of *the Freedmen are NOT CHEROKEE, does Congress and the CBC not understand)

House committees given extension on IHCIA

Monday, April 28, 2008


Pallone said there are two main issues holding up passage. The first is the status of the Freedmen, who are the descendants of former African slaves, as citizens of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

The bill will now include a provision to ensure the Freedmen are restored to citizenship within the second-largest tribe in the U.S. The Senate's version did not address the controversy. (the Freedmen were added to the rolls way back in 2006/7 - so what does this mean *to ensure the Freedmen are restored to citizenship*? is this congressional speak for *the Cherokee Nation is still excluded from receiving funding until they *surrender* to the Congressional Black Caucus* - ya'll need to get a grip here, we're in the 21st Century, not the Dark Ages)

"We've gotten the Freedmen issue behind us now, probably not resolved in the way that the Cherokee Nation wanted," Pallone told tribal leaders. (well this is interesting, mind telling the rest of us what you mean by this)

(apparently this amendment to this bill will require a vote on the House floor before it is included in the final version of this bill - prediction: the rest of the House for whatever reasons they can muster will surrender to the Congressional Black Caucus on this matter.)