Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thank you, Greta and Laura!!

Yep, the women candidates in this election cycle have been treated terribly!!

We all saw what happened to Hillary Clinton!

And now Gov Palin is being smeared and attacked!

Who cares if Palin doesn't know Africa is a continent! She was running for VP of the US, she knows where the lower 48 are, hey, that's good - did anyone ask Obama where the US is!!! She's new on the political scene, holy cow, even Obama had a year to come up to speed, she had just a few sure didn't see anyone giving Obama a hard time when he stumbled on issues....those people trashing and smearing Hillary Clinton and Gov. Sarah Palin are just plain self serving morons, and we can see through you, so maybe it was a good idea not to give your name/s! After all Oprah started a school in Africa instead of the US! So let Oprah's cult take care of Africa! There is so much corruption in that continent, any money sent there just goes into the pockets of dictators! We really need to be more careful where we send money anyway! I think the lower 48 is a better investment! (Oh, dear, am I going to need to keep an eye on my mail for a dead fish??)

This country has a bad attitude towards women! Palin can be a mother and Gov., that's her style and apparently that works for her and her husband! Who are these people that smear her over this stuff! This is not a party issue, this is an attitude issue with folks in this country and women in public office apparently! I found the trashing and smearing of both Clinton and Palin extremely disgusting! And for the women in the Democratic party that put up with that kinda treatment, you set women back 200 years!! So it's like we've made no progress at all on this issue!!

The Federal Government apparently has not done enough to eliminate gender bias from our society!! Gittar Done, Obama!!

Gov. Palin! I hope you come back in 2012! You were a breath of fresh air in a stagnant cesspool called DC!