Monday, November 10, 2008

AT&T is a scumbag company!

Can you believe AT&T is trying to charge me for installing a new phone jack in my house! When they did not! The phone jack in this house has been here for well over 50 years see photos below!

If you're seeing those ads that imply that AT&T is giving the same service at the same price as Cable - they are NOT!

The phone service is suppose to be $30.00 per month with free installation - when I got my first bill - there were all kinds of nickle and dime charges for such things as a Federal tax of some type - universal life line (what in the world is that!) all of these .49 cent to $2.00 extra charges amounted to about $10.00 per month, so the service was not $30.00 per month but was $40.00 per month.

Don't get me started on the Internet service - it's wireless and keeps dropping, not to mention it's half the speed of cable but the same price cable charges!

TV service well that was suppose to be much better than Cable! Not so, got a couple of extra channels on their *basic* service but it's not any better than cable!

AT&T is just a plain rip off company!!

Get MagicJack - works great and costs $19.95 per YEAR!

(and no, I don't have stock or am involved with MagicJack at all, I just use it for my unlimited local and long distance phone service!)