Thursday, July 31, 2008

News paper accounts of this case

I am truly stunned at the coverage in some newspapers of this case. In most cases, the coverage was less than fair and balanced and put a heavy spin on the Freedmen side of the story. I guess left wing extremists is quite correct.

Apparently little regard has been given to what the case actually says and that the District Judge has the option to either dismiss or go forward with this case or any part of it I suspect - there is still the DOI as a defendant, that issue has not yet been addressed or what the courts interpretation is as to the 1866 Treaty.

I suspect the Freedmen ought to wait until that decision comes before they start the party.

And the comments by Rep Watson - congress should watch the Cherokee Officials? I suspect they would do better watching the Congressional Black Caucus - considering the Rev Wright controversy in the recent presidential campaigns and the secrecy of the Black Caucus - when a Black only group can walk all over the Cherokee Nation, they indeed would not hesitate to do it to anyone.

Absolute power, corrupts absolutely or some such thing....:)

Again - what part of *they are not Cherokee* doesn't the press and Rep Watson understand?