Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Will the case proceed?

Appeals court: Freedmen can sue tribal officials
by Marie Price
The Journal Record July 30, 2008

OKLAHOMA CITY – Marilyn Vann of Oklahoma City has fond memories of her family honoring Cherokee heritage and rituals from the time she was a child.

“This is who we are,” Vann said Tuesday following a federal appeals court decision holding that descendants of Cherokee freedmen, formerly slaves owned by the Cherokee Nation, can sue tribal officials for barring them from voting in 2003 tribal elections.

The appellate panel left it up to a lower federal court to decide whether the overall case should proceed.

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(again - the Cherokee Attorney had stipulated to an injunction which was the remedy for forcing the Nation to place the Freedmen back on the rolls until the lawsuit is settled or ends or until Congresswoman Watson makes the Freedmen *Indian* with Federal Legislation - the Freedmen have no provable Cherokee Ancestor - they are relying soley on an 1866 Treaty imposed upon the Cherokee people after the Civil War - a Treaty which Congress has subsequently modified)