Saturday, March 22, 2008

By Contrast

This is what Native American Tribes go through - they have no Native American Caucus or Delegate in Congress to run to for help...this case has been ongoing for at least 10 years...with still no resolution....

American Indian plaintiffs ask gov't for $58B in long-running suit

March 20, 2008 22:05 EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) -- American Indian plaintiffs are telling a federal court that the government owes them 58 billion dollars for more than a century's worth of mismanaging funds.
The lawsuit, which is itself more than a decade old, was originally filed by Blackfeet Indian Elouise Cobell. It claims the government has earned billions since 1887, from money held in trust from American Indian lands that should have been deposited into individual Indian trust accounts.

In a January decision, Judge James Robertson said the Interior Department accounting for billions of dollars owed to American Indian landholders has been "unreasonably delayed." He had asked the plaintiffs for their input in the case.

The government proposed paying 7 billion dollars partly to settle the Cobell lawsuit last year, but the offer was rejected.

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