Friday, February 26, 2010

Killer Whales

Actually any wild animal, is just that, a wild animal.

The incident in Orlando brings to mind the Snow Leopard in Vegas that attacked his trainer.

I don't agree with animal rights folks on all things...but commericalization of *trained wild animals* is an oxymoron. Wild animals never lose their wild traits, it's just that simple. Anyone who watches and trains these animals that doesn't know that, ought not be dealing with them.

Oh, all he did was grab her ponytail...well, duh, that's all it we excuse a human for killing another on a Twinkies defense, NO! They are dumb animals and can't tell the difference between a ponytail and an arm or a leg. Not to mention this same whale was involved in two other deaths...which no one apparently whose to say, the whale didn't grab an arm or leg the last two times.

Dogs that kill are put down...these wild exotic animals should be put down as well.

To protect them for money purposes is not in any ones interest, wild animal, trainer, corporation or public who watch these events. These animals need to remain in the wild, that is their home, not a tank at Sea World.

Keeping a wild animal in a *tank* or any other place for that matter, is just plain disrespectful to the animal.

It is indeed sad, but he needs to be put down.