Friday, October 16, 2009

4 Lane US 169 - When??

Ok, I admit, ODOT has been patching US 169 or whoever does this - the road from Talala to at least Nowata is just one great big patch now. Recently they've had to patch the patches and in some places, like closer to Nowata the road is only patched along the side, which makes for a very large rut along the side of the road, not sure if they'll do more on that.

However, they've done nothing for the large bumps in the road. For those of you that have not been on a sorta country two lane road in Oklahoma, I mean some small towns here don't even have paved roads to them, anyway, on those bumps, just image doing 60 miles an hour in a mall parking lot with speed bumps - no kidding - about ever 10 to 15 feet along this road is a speed bump - not to mention as you get closer to Nowata the bumps get bigger. I've already had to have the wheel bearings on one wheel replaced and the next bill goes to the Oklahoma Legislature for this - you don't want to fix the roads, then pay the repair bills for driving on them!!

It's the big 16 wheeler trucks that run up and down this road constantly, sometimes you'll meet 3 or more right in a row and they almost blow you off the road! Think of what it will be like with the ice and snow we get in this area!

I know this road can be made drivable - no speed bumps from Talala to Tulsa! So just DO it!