Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th 2009 - 4 more golf balls found - PUT A TAX ON GOLFING SO WE CAN GET RID OF IT!!

Looks as if at least 3 if not 4 balls have hit
this area of the air conditioner

More damage to my air conditioner/heater - can you believe this; that many balls in one location does not appear to me to an *accident* or an *innocent* ball gone astray! Either the course is not properly designed to minimize damage to surrounding property or there are some folks that need golf lessons - *hint; hint*

Found 4 more golf balls in my front yard today. I'd say probably most got there yesterday or today, since I've not seen any before that.

Yep, I'm going to keep track of these. Totally unnecessary considering the size of the golf course. Don't worry - I'll be taking photos of the balls as well!

I see these golfers playing golf and they always look in the ditch near the course for their balls....not once have they crossed over into my yard to try and hunt for their ball...I wonder

I must say there is something to ponder here; Wayne Reid owns the house next to mine; he doesn't seem to get any *hits* to his house; I wonder why; he doesn't live there; it's just empty; he lives in another big brick house on the other side of the course; there is another single lady that lives on the other side of me; she's even got a broken window in her, bathroom, it looks like; anyway, it's still broken, she's also got several hits to the side of her house and a hole in her air conditioner; not sure if that was golf ball damage; but these houses sure are taking a pounding; would be interesting to see if some *investors* in the *golf club* is wanting to add some property to their assets; most interesting - don't you think? Lots of investors in these parts.

SOMEONE needs some golf lessons!